'Visual Crunch' Premieres on MYX Channel

January 27, 2010

Well, guess what? MYX is still around. Focusing on a target audience of Asian Americans ages 16-24 (sigh...I am too old to be included in their demographic), the music-oriented channel (think MTV about 15 years ago) has branched out to lifestyle programs, original animation, and a documentary series.

I got to preview a series Visual Crunch which premiered last week and gets a behind the scenes look at the making of independent music videos produced for under $10,000. The premiere episode featured pop pianist Vienna Teng and indie rock duo Alex Chen and Kenji Ross of Boy in Static.

I got a very strong Asian American vibe off this show and not just because of its featured artists and/or directors. There's something about being resourceful and creative when budgets and mainstream support aren't there that's just so...like us. Tips from the first episode? Put your cute nieces and nephews into videos for free and just make sure to buy them snacks.

I don't have cable or satellite TV (I'm broke!) so I'll just have to live vicariously through you all and let you tell me if MYX is fulfilling your Asian American channel needs. "Visual Crunch" airs every Thursday at 11:00 pm (EST).

MYX is available on: Comcast (San Francisco Bay Area) – Channel 368

DirecTV (across the US) – Channel 2067

Cox (Orange County, CA) – Channel 479

Cox (Northern VA) – Channel 464

RCN (NYC, Wash. D.C., Philadelphia, Chicago, and Boston) – Channel 474

MCV (Guam) – Channel 16


Sylvie Kim

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