Support the Campaign for Ethnic Studies

January 8, 2010


School Board Meeting

Tuesday January 12, 2010 @ 5 pm

Meet in front of SFUSD Building: 555 Franklin St, San Francisco

Wear red! Bring banners and signs! Free food!

40 years after the fight for Ethnic Studies at SFSU, we are
continuing the fight for funding to pilot a 9th grade Ethnic Studies
course in the San Francisco Unified School District during the 2010-11
school year.

The course will develop students’ self-respect, their respect for
their families and communities, and their respect for students of other
racial, ethnic, national and cultural backgrounds by guiding them
through an exploration of their individual, family and community
identities and histories.

The Ethnic Studies course will provide students the knowledge and
skills to be activists for social justice during their high school
careers and afterward.


1) Join us and speak to the School Board members Tuesday the 12th
during public comment about why you believe Ethnic Studies is needed.

(1 minute maximum)

2) Write a letter of support to the School Board and email it back to us by Monday 1/11 to present to them on Tuesday the 12th!

(campaignforethnicstudies [at]

3) Sign our online petition!

4) Join our Facebook Group!

5) Follow us on Twitter for up to date news and actions!


Sylvie Kim

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