Five Days of Mr. Hyphen: Anthony Kim

November 4, 2010

As Mr. Hyphen 2010 approaches, we bring you a closer look at each contestant -- one each day, in no particular order -- for the entire week. Let the count-down begin!


Anthony Kim

A self-professed "hot mess" at karaoke, Anthony is a student at UC San Diego and an avid promoter of love and justice. As a product of the San Francisco Bay Area and someone who grew up in the shadow of the 1992 Rodney King verdict and the ensuing riots, Anthony understands the value of diversity. Not just in terms of more take-out options, but also of coalition building. Through "tongil," which in Korean means “reunification,” Anthony hopes to bring about a lasting peace to the Korean peninsula, as well as all of the communities around him.

Anthony says:

I am Mr. Hyphen material because as a writer, a thinker, a student, a teacher, a community member, and not to mention, a karaoke singer, I am passionately invested in the principles of revolutionary love and justice -- not just for the Asian American community but for all oppressed peoples. I believe that these principles should be an organic part of any process that believes itself to be creating change with the hopes of transformation.



Mr. Hyphen 2010 will take place on Saturday, November 6th at the Brava! Theater in San Francisco. Click here for tickets!