Action Pact: Joining Forces with Asian American Action Fund

May 5, 2010

Starting this week, folks, we're supercharging our political coverage with the help of our friends at the Asian American Action Fund. Their team of bloggers includes lawyers, at least one judge, and some major policy wonks -- so we're psyched to borrow their X-ray vision on the parties, the leaders, the legislation that Asian Americans should know about.

And in return we're excited to lend them our favorite hoodies and vintage shades. Can't infiltrate the arts and culture scenes like we do without the right get-up.

So tune in at either bat-channel for the weekly cross-posts of our new partnership. And here, in AAA-Fund's words, is to our common mission: to empower Asian American political leaders, and to fight the misrepresentation and underrepresentation of Asian Americans.


* * *

The AAA-Fund is a Democratic political action committee whose goal is to increase the voice of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) on every level of local, state and federal government in America. To achieve this goal, we address the chronic under-representation of AAPIs as campaign volunteers, campaign contributors, and candidates for political office. The AAA-Fund has endorsed candidates across the country.


erin K Ninh

contributing editor & blogger

erin Khue Ninh is a former blog editor and onetime publisher of Hyphen, who won't seem to go away. She now teaches literature in the Department of Asian American Studies at UC Santa Barbara. Aside from Hyphen, erin believes in recycling, Planned Parenthood, and Type A first-borns.



We're honored to be in partnership. We posted our announcement also. Let's have a great time!