Saluting John Delloro

June 30, 2010


Two weeks ago we were saddened to bring you the news that APA leader John Delloro had passed away. Not only was John a true friend to the Asian American community, he was a nationally recognized union leader, labor educator, organizer, teacher, ane mentor. John was an inspiration to us all, and he is greatly missed.

To read more about him, visit:

The AAA-Fund is donating $250 to the John Delloro Memorial Fund to support his family during this difficult time. We urge you to support John’s family with a tax deductible donation as well.

Checks Payable to:
LACCD Foundation/John Delloro Memorial Fund

Please send to:
LACCD Foundation
c/o Rix Bradford Associates
512 N. Larchmont Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90004

A cross post with Asian American Action Fund blog. Check out Hyphen's praise of John Delloro's response to the UCSD Compton Cookout by blogger Joy Tang.