Poketo Unveils Exclusive Collection for Target

August 11, 2010

Angie Myung, co-founder of Los Angeles-based design company Poketo, is hitting the big leagues, people. I know what you're thinking -- it gets bigger than designing an early version of Hyphen's website? Well, no offense Lisa and Melissa (vote! vote!) -- releasing your very own collection for a retail giant like Target is big. Very big. 

Poketo joins the ranks of other esteemed designers to have recently produced collections for Target, including Zac Posen, Proenza Schouler, and Rodarte. It's heady company for a firm built on delivering art to the masses, but trust me -- Poketo hasn't lost its adorably eccentric walletmaker-next-door vibe. The collection, which features the work of 21 artists, is whimsical, very much primary colors and shapes, with the occasional detour into softer wintry scenes. Birds and trees are the motif here, although chubby monsters and a rocket-shark do make their appearances, as they must.

It's a collection that represents Poketo well; the various bags, wallets, and umbrellas are essentially reshaped canvases, art-as-accessory. And while I would probably be suspicious of anyone with the requisite bubbliness to deck themselves out in Poketo gear, toting one or two pieces is a great way to brighten up your look.

Favorites include this dotted tote, by designer Joe Rogers, and this umbrella, by DGPH.


Winston Chou


Winston Chou is a graduate student in sociology at UCLA. He is especially interested in issues of immigration and second-generation assimilation, but would almost always rather talk about obscure NBA players from the '90s. (Remember Chris Gatling?)



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