Discovery Channel Gunman Slain After Police Standoff

September 1, 2010


James Lee, a 43-year-old Washington, DC, resident, was shot and killed by police following a four hour standoff at Discovery Channel headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Lee carried a handgun and had several gas-filled canisters strapped to his chest. His hostages -- two employees and a security guard -- were unharmed.

Reports have characterized Lee as a radical environmentalist. In 2008, he attempted to organize a weeklong protest against the Discovery Channel for what he perceived to be dangerously ineffective and inaccurate programming. You can sample his manifesto here.

Several readers of multiple online news outlets have gleefully seized on the moment to take Democrats and the left to task for their perceived radical environmental agenda. Respectfully speaking, these people are idiots -- a person who calls babies "disgusting" and "filth," who takes a gun to the Discovery Channel because he thinks it'll save the world, is a person who needs urgent psychiatric help, not a political affiliation.

According to his Myspace page, Lee was single and had no children. The man was lonely, misguided, and fuming after years of being ignored. His story is a sad but by no means representative one, and thankfully he was unable to hurt anyone before it came to an end.


Winston Chou


Winston Chou is a graduate student in sociology at UCLA. He is especially interested in issues of immigration and second-generation assimilation, but would almost always rather talk about obscure NBA players from the '90s. (Remember Chris Gatling?)