Love, Mon: 'My Mom is a Fob' in Print

January 4, 2011

Taking inspiration from the January 4th release of My Mom is a Fob, the book based on the popular blog from creators Serena Wu and Teresa Wu, the Asian American Writers' Workshop is throwing a mother-loving book bash that same day

with the two authors plus luminaries such as novelist Ed Lin (This Is a Bust), New York Times journalist Jennifer 8. Lee and spoken word artist Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai (listen to tracks from her new album Further She Wrote). Everyone will be talking about his or her favorite mother-moments. Mom, this one's for you.

Tickets are still available, and bringing moms gets you a discount. and its "sister" site feature funny, endearing and quirky communications (or, miscommunications) from Asian immigrant parents. Some of the emails and texts can be rather wacky, but others ring frighteningly true to the second-generation experience.

Click here for my favorite "mom" moment and "dad" moment from the sites. Someone should write a book on how Asian parents embrace the melodrama in life with unbridled enthusiasm. I mean, just watch the Asian soap operas. I do!

Recently, my mother sent me a package with a note on which was hastily written, "Love, Mon." (An equally hasty "Love, Mon" email, probably typed in a panic, followed shortly thereafter). It amused me to envision her in such a hurry that she would type/write her own name wrong. I mean .. not that "Mom" is her actual name. Oh, Mon...