Bittersweet Issue Teaser Party in L.A.: Artist Spotlight on Jane Lui

May 3, 2011

Jane Lui is an artist to watch. – Poptimes Magazine.

Once you hear Jane Lui, we’re sure you will adore her as much as we do. Like MTV Iggy, she's our “latest, greatest music crush for sure.”

Jane, who grew up in Hong Kong and Cupertino, CA, is classically trained in piano and voice, but she's not one to stick to one sound. "I [absorbed] music openly and randomly," she admits.

“I listened to Cantopop (Hong Kong pop music) [when I was younger]," she recalls. "And then when I was 15 or 16, I listened to alternative [music]. ... In college [I studied] everything from modern African to jazz.” These days, her tastes prove to be just as eclectic, and include everything from musical theater crossed with world music, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Bjork, Ben Folds Five, Rufus Wainwright and Fiona Apple.

Despite her impressive musical pedigree, Jane always has a surprise up her sleeve, and isn't afraid to have fun. If you haven’t seen her playful medley of your favorite cartoon theme songs (and ours!) in her Youtube video yet, check it out now. (Inspector Gadget and Ghostbusters, anyone?)

Her latest album, Goodnight Company, was a labor of love, funded by fans through The album, like her music, is as dynamic as her personality -- it ranges from electronica to funk to straight-ahead pop and soul, with a healthy dose of whimsy. The sweet girl-meets-boy pop of “Goodnight Company” will charm your socks off, while the more soulful “Jailcard" shows off Jane's ethereal vocals (and her slick rooftop dance moves). We agree with Poptimes Magazine -- her songs are “beautifully hard to label.”

True to her playful style and creative insatiability, Jane will join San Diego’s 10th Avenue Theatre for their production of “Dr. Horrible’s Singalong Blog” -- she'll play Penny, the love interest of Dr. Horrible and his nemesis, Captain Hammer. “[I like to] be goofy and have fun," she says. "At my live shows, we laugh and cackle about the stupidest stuff.”

Sounds like fun to us!

* * *

Come see Jane perform live at our Bittersweet Issue teaser party in L.A. on May 7.