A Hyphen New Year: Staff Resolutions for 2011

January 14, 2011


Yes, we know it's January 14 and by now most people who declared they'd stop smoking or eating gluten on the first of the new year have already abandoned ship. But you know, some stereotypes are true: Sometimes, we run on Asian Time.

Damn it, I should have said we're "fashionably late." Or that we might follow the lunar calendar and are actually early! Ah well, there goes my resolution to think before I communicate. What have other Hyphen staffers resolved to do in 2011?

"Get a keyboard or piano and start playing again.  Returning to my Joy Luck Club piano recital origins. Yay!"
--Nina, food editor

"Lose the weight I gained last year."
--Mark, advertising manager

"Finish the Seth Godin limited-edition boxed set I bought at end of 2009."
--JJ Casas, photo editor

"Learn to walk in high heels in time for my friend's wedding in July. It sounds frivolous, but I am literally so clumsy, I once poked myself in the eye with my elbow while trying to roll over in bed. I still don't know how it happened. But I definitely don't want to be that bridesmaid who trips on her way down the aisle!"
--Victoria, blog columnist

"Ride my bicycle more. My husband hand-built (!!) a new bike for me last year and I need to carve out time to ride it more. Also, I should also work on cussing less and make a point to learn to drive stick shift; which might negate the cussing less resolution."
--Erica, creative director

"Do less free work that's detrimental to my finances. Yoga goals: Do splits, handstand, and full back bend by end of the year. Look at my dream board every day and realize what's on it including 'enjoying Ken time.'"
--Ken, blog columnist

"Keep in better touch with my friends. And I don't mean on Facebook. More phone calls and letters to friends who live in other cities. More chats with local friends over brunches and dinners. (Though that last part may conflict with my other resolution to eat more sensibly.)"
--Melissa, founding editor

"I'm actually trying out a year-long Happiness Project thing, but the overarching resolution is to just take more time for myself and stress less. Impossible when you're the mom, but I'm going to try."
--Theresa, blog columnist

"Finish my screenplay about a group of Silicon Valley office workers who unwittingly uncover a noted Web Search Engine's diabolical testing of an implanted 'Twitter' update microchip that turns human subjects into flesh-eating zombies. Wear my glasses instead of my contact lenses more. Look up words like 'ontological' that appear in graduate school reading and make serious attempt to decipher their meaning. Finish Roberto Bolano's 2666. Stop buying sequined clothing. Start a blogger column for Hyphen on reading Asian American literature from an autobiographical perspective. Be one of those hard-asses that gets up at five in the morning and runs in the snow wearing only breathable athletic fabrics."
--Cathlin, books editor

Happy new year, Hyphen readers! What do you resolve to do in 2011? Or are you anti-resolution?


Sylvie Kim

contributing editor & blogger

Sylvie Kim is a contributing editor at Hyphen. She previously served as Hyphen's blog coeditor with erin Khue Ninh, film editor, and blog columnist.

She writes about gender, race, class and privilege in pop culture and media (fun fun fun!) at www.sylvie-kim.com and at SF Weekly's The Exhibitionist blog. Her work has also appeared on Racialicious and Salon.