Hyphen TV: The Guys to Beat on 'So You Think You Can Dance'

July 26, 2011

Marko shows how he can work part-time as a boomerang

Down to the Top Ten on So You Think You Can Dance! (And apparently, to the Top One as far as shows on this season's Hyphen TV is concerned... okay, maybe a tie with America's Best Dance Crew.) This year, top ten means all-stars, and even though Alex Wong is not among their ranks (CRY), I'm excited.

Marko danced a super fast samba with all-star Chelsie in which he was a photographer and she was his muse. There was a lot of Marko face-kicking during rehearsal, poor guy. For the performance he looked very handsome with the return of the side part and a suit with a yummy skinny tie. I know we all enjoy a little male bare chest action, but a nice suit is just as hot. The jacket came off halfway through, the better for Marko to do a cool little floor roll. See the dance here.

       Photographer wannabes take note: Do not try this at home.

Guest judge Neil Patrick Harris (best celeb judges of any season?) called the dance "so dirty" and said that he could relate to Marko's "likeable presence." He then named Marko "the guy to beat." Totally agreed, Doogie! The guy's never been in the bottom three, he's proven over and over how wrong Nigel was to doubt him last year, and let's not forget, HE HAS A BULLET IN HIS ARM. He's still got partner chemistry even without the Melanie-Marko magic, and did I mention he looks great in a suit? Mary mentioned that she wouldn't be surprised to see Marko in the finale and we're all like, "Hi, duh."

I think the producers might be a Marko fan too: he opened the show with his samba and closed out the solos with his performance to a Gavin DeGraw song. Lovely, as always.

Tadd pulled hip hop with all-star Comfort (love her! We need more female hip hop/b-girls on this show). Tadd didn't experience the physical danger that Marko did during his rehearsal; instead he had to put up with his partner questioning his swag. Ooo, ouch. "She'll go rabid when she sees this," he promised, lifting his shirt to reveal some grade A abs. Heh. For the performance, Tadd wore skinny jeans and a plaid vest (?), and Comfort did indeed get to rub up against them abs. See the dance here.

                    The plaid-est hip hop I've ever seen

Nigel reminded everyone that Tadd is a b-boy, not a hip hop dancer, so he doesn't have the choreography brain that's been trained to remember routines. "There's so much going on ... I think you out-danced your all-star there." Neil called Tadd "a remarkable dude ... like an acrobat." Mary Murphy made the unfortunate proclamation that Tadd/the dance were "ghettolicious." No thanks, Mar.

Tadd continued his unexpected music choices when he danced his solo to a Robin Thicke song. As in his initial audition, he did some cool stuff at the edge of the stage. Sorry I don't have video, guys.

                          Tadd's signature one-hand hop

After those heaps of praise, it was no surprise that our boys were once again safe in the elimination episode, which opened with a Broadway group number you can see here.

Not so praiseworthy? The performance by female Asian American group Blush, who performed their song "Undivided" with Snoop Dogg. Sorry, ladies, but it seemed like there was something wrong with your mics -- the whole thing was uncomfortably off-key and odd. See for yourselves here. The song appears to be doing well, however, so kudos. Sound check next time?

Y'all look cute, but sorry, ladies: this performance didn't do you any favors

It's been a SYTYCD-heavy couple weeks, but see you next week for the premiere of Project Runway! WOO!


Dianne Choie


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