Top 10 Best Dressed Asian Americans of 2011

January 1, 2012

photo courtesy of Wendy Lam,

1. Wendy Lam

Based in NYC, this sister with street style and spunky sensibility is creative director of fashion site Nitrolicious. It's got the coolest gear with the prices you can relate to; Wendy is the inside scoop to celebrities, parties, and the new-new trends.

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2. Harry Shum, Jr.

Mike Chang's footwork isn't the only thing that's fancy. Harry knows how to switch from playing a high-school token to cleaning up into a dashing young man. All he'll ever need are those simple modern suits that fit him like a cashmere-lined leather glove, and pops of youthful color. In addition to looking good with clothes on (as seen in GQ's November dress-to-impress guide), Shum was also voted one of People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive 2011. Six-step, six-pack -- all good there.


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3. Bruno Mars

Slick Ray Bans +  city hipster fedora = cool cat formula. This pop crooner impressed me this year not only with his bad-boy doo-wop blend, but also with his daring to sport a male pompadour -- a la James Brown, for this generation.

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4. Alexander Wang

How many ways can this guy make the mix of black and white cool?! Staying true to his line inspiration term, MOD (Model off Duty), Wang always chooses comfy yet edgy: the color binary, tees and knits, tousled hair, and a splash of high-fashion attitude. Just this year his highly anticipated shop opened in SoHo. Flagship stores are projected in Paris and Beijing in 2012.

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5. Chanel Iman

Supermodel since age 16, Victorias's Secret model by 20, this young woman has become a legend and muse at the ripe age of 21. A fresh face, legs for days, and great style even off the runways, Chanel keeps it fun, youthful, sexy, and fearless.

(Jamie Chung image via s_bukley /

6. Jamie Chung

Although I haven't seen her in this year's Sucker Punch (her film debut in a key role), I do remember watching her on The Real World: San Diego back in '04. As the most successful Real World alumna, Chung is booking at least 3 films for 2012. Trendy and flirty, her Cali street style is beginning to evolve into more sophisticated looks as she gets more Facetime on the red carpet. 


(Freida Pinto image via Featureflash /

7. Freida Pinto

We all know she's gorgeous. She starred in this year's Rise of the Planet of the Apes, a prequel series to the 1968 blockbuster.  She typically braves the red carpet in bright hues with elegant silhouettes paired with chic hair and makeup.

(Far East Movement image via s_bukley /

8. Far East Movement

Boy band of the future! This L.A.-based group signed with Cherrytree records, and in 2010 went double-platinum for their club hit G6. Always looking unified with their signature shades and neckties, these men found the equilibrium between preppy and electro.


(Chad Hugo image via Left Eyed Photography /

9. Chad Hugo (far left)

Part of the alternative hip-hop group N.E.R.D. and the quieter brainiac behind clothing line Billionaire Boys Club, Chad Hugo just released a DJ mix titled Missile Command. Oh, and maybe worth mentioning: he did a small collaboration with Jay-Z and Kanye for the album called Watch the Throne… Hugo makes it on the best-dressed list because he wears an effortless swag for days. Never in the spotlight light unlike his BFF Pharrell Williams, Chad remains the silent mogul everyone wants to know. 


(Liu Wen image via NataliaYeromina /

10. Liu Wen

Victoria's Secret model Liu Wen became one of the highest paid models in 2011. No, not American either, but she IS signed to New York Management modeling agency. Capable of looking perfect in a burlap sack, Wen's style opts for androgynous-chic when she's not in front of the camera.



Thao Ngo


Thao Ngo lives in Harlem, NY. She graduated from FIT, has interned for Maguire Steele, Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week, and works for Ralph Lauren. She believes that Alexander Wang is brilliant and that Denise Huxtable is a style icon. 



Wait, are they all Asian American? I didn't know Frieda Pinto ever lived here... but if we can claim her, do tell.
To be honest, the pics selected do not want me to dress like any of them, and I like cross-dressing.
Freida Pinto is not even American. She is straight up Indian. It seems like she was included just in an effort to have someone South Asian on the list.