At the Corner of Korematsu and Hirabayashi

January 12, 2012

Photo by Todd Inoue

How cool is this? While searching for a pickup soccer game, I came across this corner buried deep in a South San Jose suburb.

A little searching turned up that the street names were instituted in 1988 to honor two of the most vocal and courageous Americans (Japanese or otherwise) against the internment: Fred Korematsu and Gordon Hirabayashi (who just passed away on January 2, 2012).

Circle January 30 on your calendar, as it's the Fred Korematsu Day of Civil Liberties and the Constitution.

Does a more politicized Japanese American cross-street exist? Let us know.




i used to live down the street from here, and walked by that everyday. i never made the connection to asam history! hope you're doing well, todd.