Hyphen TV: Some Yellin' and Screamin'

October 22, 2012

Benji must push away the screams of those who enjoy his screams

The battle rounds continued on The Voice, and ex-racecar driver Benji was up against Sam James with "You Give Love a Bad Name." Coach Adam reminded everyone about how Benji is a screamer, but he also has "a clean, pristine-sounding voice" that could take the win as long as he doesn't distract from it -- so Adam tells Benji to limit himself to just one scream. In the interview before taking the stage, Benji said, "If I don't win tonight, this might be it." And after eleven years of making music, he ignored his coach's advice and tossed several screams into the performance. Hmm.

Just can't help those scream-y screams

Blake liked that Benji is willing to explore and chose him as the stronger of the two. Christina said that she's "down for some yellin' and screamin'" and also picked Benji, as did CeeLo. Although Adam told Benji that he has one of the best screams he's ever heard, comparing him to "a bat flying straight outta hell" and stressing how hard it is to achieve that, Adam also expressed concern about Benji's lack of control between his lower register and his screams, and he went against his fellow judges' advice and chose Sam. Unfortunately, no one liked Benji quite enough to use a steal. Good luck, man...and maybe in the future, heed the advice of those trying to help you?

Even though I had to drop The Walking Dead because it was driving me so crazy (how can a show about zombies be so very boring?), I was really happy to see Steven Yeun on Conan. He was as fun and likable as ever with his stories about his Twitter avatar and his lonely, comic book-filled life. I am certain that the tales of his single status are highly overrated because he is great.

"I can't believe I'm single either, Conan. It's crazy."

Also on Conan was Maggie Q of Nikita. She discussed burning her boobs on set and the Viagra-like qualities of ginseng. I'm just realizing how pervy this all sounds. Still, good times!

Conan is confused by the thought of boob burns


Dianne Choie


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"Even though I had to drop The Walking Dead because it was driving me so crazy (how can a show about zombies be so very boring?" . Huh???? . The show does have some slow moments, overall I have found it enjoyable. . It does appear the most engaging character in the series was the "Bicycle Girl", the first zombie Rick see's. Due to viewer response, the producers had to call the actress back to do a webisode on how she became a zombie. . Season 3 promises to be more interesting.

I'm glad you find The Walking Dead enjoyable, but after watching two seasons, I'm afraid I disagree. There is a whole lot of standing around and talking in angry whispers on that show. This sums it up better than I can: http://thisisnthappiness.com/post/34173578788/pretty-much

I have heard that the third season has been better, but at this point my interest just isn't there anymore.