Hyphen TV: Baby Chez

April 10, 2012

Jessica busts out the colors and the sparkle for Whitney, as we all should.

It was 80s week on American Idol, so it wasn't surprising that Jessica went with a Whitney Houston song: "How Will I Know," one of my favorites. Guest mentor Gwen Stefani said some stuff about the way Jessica moves, then Jess introduced her alter ego "Baby Chez." Honestly, an alter ego is as good an explanation as any for the seemingly wide chasm between the tiny little person we see ("Such a little girl," as Jennifer describes her) and the big, mature voice we hear. I thought the performance was fun and energetic, but again, I love that song so I'm biased. As usual, the judges heaped on the praise: Jennifer called Jessica a natural performer and Randy still just can't believe the maturity of her voice and her presence on stage.

After Jessica's duet with fellow power vocalist Joshua on "I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)," Randy upped the ante, calling the song "one of the greatest performances I've seen on this show." Jennifer called them a dream pair, saying that she was looking at them and thinking of the finale. As usual, Jimmy was more tempered (and don't think I don't appreciate a dose of reality, Jim) on results night, noting that Jessica did understand her song completely, but in the competition between Jess and Joshua, Joshua may have chosen a better song. I don't know, Jimmy, I don't really think you can go wrong with Whitney when you have the chops to pull it off, but we can agree to disagree. Jessica was safe this week.

I like how Jimmy looks like the Wizard of Oz here

On RuPaul's Drag Race, the girls had to makeover straight dads and transform them into drag queen sisters. Phi Phi had one of her rare showings of tenderness when she opened up to her "dad" (who she made into GiGi O'Hara) and appreciated his open mind about drag and homosexuality, a real contract against Phi Phi's actual father who she has not seen in seven years. She had an emotional breakdown on the runway, and while some of the other girls rolled their eyes, it was undeniable that there was an unmistakeable resemblance between Phi and her utterly altered DILF. Since they also had to perform a strip tease dance that was completely goofy (and didn't involve actual singing or acting, which has taken Phi Phi down in the past), Phi easily took the win this time around and everyone agreed that it was well deserved.

Just one quick note about Top Shot: Chee finally got to participate! Not only did he start the red team off on the speedfire challenge but he also closed them out in a neck and neck battle against the blue team, hitting his final targets just in time to clinch red's win. Way to step it up when you were (finally) called to do so, Chee!

Finally, check out Malaysian singer Yuna performing the title track from her album "Live Your Life" on Conan. Look out for the album later this month.

Yuna brings on the color for her performance, too


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