Hyphen TV: All About the Long Play

April 23, 2013

Judith works a mohawk, a statement necklace, and a bright jumpsuit like nobody's business.

It's battle round time on The Voice,
which means more Judith! She was up against fellow Team Adam-ite Karina,
and the duo was tasked with performing James Brown's "It's a Man's
Man's Man's World." During rehearsals, Adam described Judith as having
"the rare ability to be technically perfect and still soulful," but he
also had cautionary words for her: "Make sure the big moments are still
really big. I can tell you're holding back," adding that she "needs to
show a little bit of emotion."

Both ladies looking all sweet during practice

When it came to the actual
, the women started out with an odd little bow (I almost
expected to hear a gong), and then they proceeded to sing the hell
out of the song. It seemed like both of them really felt every
syllable, and it was a foregone conclusion for all four judges to get up
on their feet by the end.

Blake reminded everyone that
Judith "has been a favorite since we first saw her here," and Usher was
with me in taking note of their opening bow, which he thought was
"pretty cool" (I guess). Shakira said, "We already know Judith is a pro,"
and Adam called the song "the best battle I've ever seen on the show."
He went on to choose Judith because OF COURSE he chose Judith. Who
wouldn't? "There's just something about her; she's unbelievable. She
kind of oozes charisma and confidence." Couldn't have said it better
myself, Adam. The cherry on top was seeing Judith celebrate backstage as
her dad started crying. Don't you even start with the cute parents -- you know I can't take it.

Brenda got another moment
(and I do mean "moment") on Survivor this week when fellow contestant
Dawn cried out for help at camp and no one checked on her except ol'
Brenda. It turned out Dawn lost her retainer when she went for a swim,
and since the retainer had her bottom teeth in it (no further
explanation was given...are those like semi-dentures?), Dawn was ready
to leave the game. Which seems a little extreme, but she has previously
shown herself to be quite an emotional lady. Anyway, Brenda grabbed some
goggles and went searching for the retainer, finding it easily (at
least it seemed easy; I suppose they might have edited down an
hours-long search) and returning it to the eternally grateful Dawn. And
that was your minute with Brenda for the week!

Brenda, moments before losing last week's immunity necklace

Awkward. is
back, which means more Ming! It was the first day of junior year, and
everyone was catching up on summer activities. Turns out Ming spent the
break working for her grandparents. She also learned Mandarin, which
seems pretty amazing for one summer with an elderly couple, but I won't
push it. She's not openly celebrating her new knowledge, however -- she
actually said "Ix-na-y on the Chinese-ay" when Jenna expressed her
congratulations (I hope her Mandarin is better than her Pig Latin).
Her explanation for keeping quiet: "Mafia [as in Asian Mafia] is everywhere, and they
can't know what I know. It's all about the long play." Not unlike the
aforementioned Brenda, Ming got just this one tantalizing little bit of
screentime and no further explanation, so I'll have to assume that she'll be engaging in some
clandestine Asian Mafia spy activity this season. Can't wait!

Don't worry, Ming has not lost her taste for adorable headwear


Dianne Choie


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