Hyphen TV: No More Throwing Things

July 15, 2013

Don't worry, Marko's got your back...I mean foot

Some happy news on So You Think You Can Dance -- which sadly doesn't have any APA contestants to root for in the top twenty this year (first
time in a long time...if not ever?) -- last week we met a new
choreographer duo on the show, married couple Keone Madrid and Mari
Martin. They created a hip hop routine to Michael Jackson's "Dangerous"
for Jenna and Tucker, and the judges really liked its jazzy style, playfully dubbing the mixed genre "hip jazz" (note: the choreographers did not pick the song, thus the atypical hip hop). Hope we
see a lot more of these talented choreographers in the future!

Also joining us this week was beloved SYTYCD alum Marko, who filled in for injured dancer Jade on a Sonya Tayeh contemporary number with Malece. He was wonderful as always. Miss you, Marko!

This is a very odd pose to capture, but I like it

worry, things haven't changed much on Mistresses. In last week's
episode, Karen arrived at work to the news that the office had been
broken into. It seems the trespasser mostly targeted Karen's office,
much to her chagrin. Once again demonstrating her superior analytical
skills, Karen asked a police officer on the scene, "If someone did copy
something from the computers, there's no way to tell, is there?" Oh,
Karen. Don't you remember downloading the "Someone Has Been Tampering
with This Computer" program from that tech for dummies website? No? Hmm.

"What's a computer, you guys?"

she went to talk to Thomas's widow Elizabeth about the latest developments,
Karen discovered that Elizabeth fled town for Italy with no scheduled
return date. Meanwhile, remember that handsome doctor that Karen shares
an office with? Unlike his coworker, Jacob possesses some powers of
observation and confronted Karen when he suspected that she knew
more than she was letting on about the break-in. He admonished her when
she refused to let him in on her secret, telling her that he lost a
patient that morning because the swarm of cops investigating the break-in freaked her out. As if things weren't crumbling quickly
enough, Karen found a headshot of herself, that somehow went unnoticed before, on a table in her office. A message reading "Missing you --Sam" was written on
the back. That kid is a CREEP, man.

On Sullivan and Son, Steve
took over coaching a kids' hockey team. This brought him into conflict
with rival team coach Lyle, who has an intensely cutthroat, unrelenting
attitude toward his young players. After talking to her daughter Susan about
how she no longer has a "free pass" with her husband ("Not anymore. Kim
Jong-il is dead"), Ok Cha overheard Lyle berating one of his kids and
declared him her new free pass. Cue a running gag of Lyle's child
cruelty followed by Ok Cha's turned on(?!) excitement.

Ok Cha and Lyle also have a shared love of track suits

But of
course, in the end Lyle learned that he needs to be more caring and
sympathetic, like fellow coach Steve. Ok Cha was crushed: "No more
yelling? No more throwing things? No more telling the kids to die? I'm
done with you." You just drive that tiger mom thing right into the
ground, Sullivan and Son.

One fun note, however: one of the kids
on Steve's hockey team, Quan, was played by Ethan Dizon, who played the
Accountant on Awkward. Ethan's everywhere!


Dianne Choie


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