Submit to HYPHEN's Erotic Writing Contest! Entries due by September 9, 2013

July 8, 2013

Illustration by Michael Park


Let the textual healing begin!

Get out your laptops and dust off your dirty minds, Hyphen readers, and
let’s get loo-loose with it! In line with our just released print mag “The Sex
Hyphen is holding our first ever erotic writing contest! 

We want it sensual, we want it torrid, we want it steamy, and we want
it BAD. We are looking for any short story of any length that features an erotic
encounter. The encounter can be based on
any genre (from contemporary to historical to sci-fi), any time period, or any
sexual orientation.

There’s just one rule: Keep it legal, folks. We want to be turned on
and titillated, but please don’t disgust the shit out of us. No rape, pedophilia,
incest, necrophilia (vampires ok), bestiality (shapeshifters ok), or anything
else taboo or against the law.

Stories will be judged by Teresa Lo, author of the erotic fiction series The Red Lantern Scandals. Judging criteria will be based upon the erotic writing tips outlined in Hyphen's Books Section Feature “Textual Healing, A Guide to Writing Smokin’ Hot Erotic Sex

So remember, keep your characters well-developed, your settings sexy,
your plots exciting, and your language and premises cliché-free! 

Entries are due by September 9, 2013. The winner will be announced on September 30, 2013. The winner’s story will be published in Hyphen’s website and will
receive swag galore from Hyphen’s sponsors (hint: a yellow dildo or two might
be involved).

Please send your submissions to books editors Abi Licad and Cathlin
Goulding at the following email addresses:



And if you have any questions, feel free to email Abi and Cathlin at
any time.

Wishing you good luck, erotic dreams, and many happy orgasms!


Abigail Licad


Abigail Licad is one big FOB and damn proud of it. She grew up in the Philippines and immigrated to San Leandro, CA at age 13.  She has a BA from University of California, Berkeley and a master's degree in literature from Oxford University. Her poetry and book reviews have appeared in Calyx, Borderlands, The Critical Flame, and the LA Times, among othersShe has formerly served as Hyphen's editor in chief.