Everyone's Family is a Little Extra. Share with Us and Win Crazy Rich Asians on Digital

November 17, 2018

Does your family do things that just scream EXTRA? Tell us about a time your family was extra*, and you have the chance to win Crazy Rich Asians on Digital. Here are the rules: follow Hyphen magazine on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and post your story to your chosen platform using #CRAxHyphen by November 30. There will be 15 winners.

*Being extra doesn’t just require spending money. Maybe your dad insists on taking a photo every time you go out as a family. Even if it’s just Costco. We want to hear anything and everything!

Share the love for Crazy Rich Asians! Keep one, Give one. #CrazyRichGiving. Click to see more. http://bit.ly/CrazyRichAsiansHomeEnt

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