The New Hotness

A revamped cookstove aids refugees and saves the environment.

Photographer Garry Tan

AS A SENIOR scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Labora- tory (LBNL) in California, Ashok Gadgil never experiences a dull mo- ment. For Gadgil, working in the Environmental Energy Technolo- gies Division at LBNL is the fulfillment of his dream to use science as a way to help people in need.

Health Insurance Expansion for Communities of Color

A report was released just today, entitled "Health Care Reform Proposals Hold Promise for Diverse Communities" and conducted by the Having Our Say Coalition, a group that aims to address needs of communities of color in California. The study, funded by the California Endowment, found that under the new health care proposals put forth by the Governor and legislative leaders, we would expect to see an increase of insured residents by 2.5 million people.