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Angela Qian's writing has appeared or is forthcoming from The Guardian, Witness, Pleiades, The Common, Gay, Catapult, and other outlets. She currently lives in New York, where she co-curated The Sweet & Sour Readings. Her website can be found at

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“THAT YEAR evokes this ambiguous, nostalgic feeling that also seems to point to a specific time”: An Interview With Creative Studio THAT YEAR

Independent label and creative studio THAT YEAR talks about their new karaoke-themed collection and growing up Asian American in the90s

THAT YEAR is an independent clothing label and creative studio formed by Mao Kudo, Matt Jay and Janet Kang, three creatives and designers born in the late ’80s who draw on their nostalgic formative experiences as Asian diaspora coming of age in the ’90s and constructing identities through the discovery of Asian pop culture and subcultures.