Cathy Duong


Cathy Duong is an undergraduate student at Yale, majoring in English. She grew up in a Vietnamese American community in Garden Grove, CA and is passionate about diasporic Vietnamese arts and literature. 

On Hai-Dang Phan’s Reenactments: Poems and Translations

A Vietnamese American poet guides his readers through the irresolvable terrain of Vietnamese and American memories of the war-torn past

In 1982, 2-year-old Hai-Dang Phan and his family arrived in America as political refugees fleeing from the aftermath of the war in Vietnam. In his debut poetry collection, Reenactments: Poems and Translations, Phan, the son of Vietnamese refugees, confronts his inheritance of Vietnam War history as a 1.5-generation Vietnamese American. Phan’s collection centers on the concept of reenactment — a recreated experience, a repeated performance, a translated act.

A Multifaceted Exploration of Faith in A New Asian American Poetry Anthology

A Review of The World I Leave You

The World I Leave You: Asian American Poets on Faith and Spirit is a poetry anthology recently published by Orison Books. Editors Leah Silvieus and Lee Herrick have curated over 100 poems by Asian American diasporic poets that offer a multifaceted exploration of faith. (Editor's Disclosure: Leah Silvieus is one of Hyphen's Books editors.) Silvieus and Herrick present these soul-searching works in six sections, including the divine within nature, ancestry, political resistance, and prayer and ritual.