Gelaine Santiago

Gelaine Santiago is a speaker, writer and social entrepreneur. Her mission is to build an ecosystem of BIPOC-owned businesses that create wealth to uplift marginalized communities. She’s the co-founder and CEO of Cambio & Co., a Filipino jewelry company that provides sustainable livelihood for artisans in the Philippines and empowers Filipinos in the diaspora to #WearYourHeritage. She’s also the CEO of Sinta & Co., a boutique for socially conscious Filipino weddings. Gelaine is also the creative behind Fierce Fans Forever, a weekly newsletter about content marketing and authentic storytelling for e-commerce founders. Connect with her at and on Instagram @gelainesantiago.

Wear Your Heritage: How Asian Americans Are Claiming Their Power By Reclaiming Their Fashion

In an article for Wired after the Atlanta shootings, Jerrine Tan wrote about the experience of being Asian in America. She described how lately, even going for a walk in her neighborhood, she’d wear a disguise — putting on drab clothes, big sunglasses and a hat — "Under my hat, behind my sunglasses and mask, who could know who or what I was?” If she made herself look as invisible as possible, would she still wind up a target?