Gloria Kim

A Sweet Gig

Confectionery artisan and designer Jenna Park adds sugar and spice to the blog world.

It’s hard to identify Jenna Park by what she does. Is she an entrepreneur, art director, designer, blogger or photographer? In this case, it’s all of the above, and Park is skilled in all she does, as evidenced on Sweet Fine Day (, a blog she started as part of Whimsy & Spice, a Brooklyn, NY-based confectionery company she runs with her pastry chef husband, Mark Sopchak.

A Life Designed

Pared-down style and crafting with blogger Sally J. Shim

“There’s this misinterpretation that my life is perfect,” says Sally J. Shim, whose crafts blog, Shim & Sons, has garnered quite a following since she launched it six years ago after the birth of her second son. With an array of craft projects and scenes from the designer’s family life, Shim & Sons presents Shim’s life so beautifully that while it may not be perfect, it at least appears adorned with a colorful paper garland. 

Passing Strange

Facing a tough industry, some Asian Americans in Hollywood leverage their ethnic ambiguity

TV and movie roles for Asian American actors are few and far between. But an exception holds certain for some Asian American actors — those with mutable features who can “pass” for a variety of ethnic roles.