Khin Mai Aung


Khin Mai Aung (@khinmai) has written about Asian American issues in publications such as the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Salon, and was formerly a lawyer at the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund.

I Saw A Mom, My Friends Saw A Nanny, Nobody Sees Their Preconceptions

How the BBC #Notthenanny interview can help us confront and address implicit bias

Can we ever really tell in an instant if a caregiver is a nanny or a parent? How does our perception of a caregiver change on account of personal experience, either as parents or as members of particular racial group? These questions came up last Friday, when a clip of  Robert Kelly, a professor interrupted during a BBC interview by his two children went viral.

A Tale of a Tiffin

Unpacking a Burmese American Lunchbox

One morning, after noticing my tin lunchbox, a coworker exclaimed, “Hey, a lot of people use that lunchbox in India! It’s called a tiffin.” My tiffin is a conversation starter, sparking many an unexpected, pleasant conversation with friends and strangers alike. Some notice it because they’ve never seen one.