Kyle Casey Chu

Kyle Casey Chu is a Queer Fourth-Gen Chinese American San Francisco native musician and media artist. You can check out more of his work here.

Seeing vs. Believing: Kim Chi & The Expanding Queer Universe

As a teenager in San Francisco, my coming out was not a delicate process. Overnight, I donned ostentatious rainbow accessories. I snuck into gay bars, shoplifted gay porn, and managed to funnel every conversation into a cheeky sexual joke. Even at age 13, I felt I had already lost so many years of my life to the closet. My way of gaining it all back, was by being out, by being loud, and by being unquestionably seen.  

But despite my efforts, I wasn’t always seen. 

Album Review: 'Winter' by Jack & Amy

The release of Jack & Amy’s debut four-track EP, “Winter”: a multi-year work, chronicles what the duo chillingly refers to as “the coldest season of their lives.” Jack & Amy are an indie electronic group comprised of keyboardist and composer Dan Rufolo and singer and composer Joyce Kwon. The album makes abundantly clear that Dan and Joyce are both classically-trained multi-instrumentalists, who together, form a witches brew of intelligent, brooding moods.