Lacy Lew Nguyen Wright


Lacy Lew Nguyen Wright is the creator of Ballot Breakers, a website series interviewing young progressive candidates running for office and has featured over 50 candidates representing young people’s perspectives in government. She was previously an Editor-at-Large at Huffington Post. Her writings can also be found on Elite Daily, The Moviegoer, The Bottom Line, and HelloFlo. Lacy is based in whichever coffee shop has the best mocha.

Asian Americans in the Running: Cinda Danh

Lynn, Massachusetts is home to the third-largest Cambodian American population in the country. 28-year old Cinda Danh could become their first Asian American city councilor.

28-year-old Cinda Danh was born and raised in Lynn, MA. Over those 28 years, not one single candidate has ever knocked on her door. Nine months into her campaign for Ward 6 councilor on the Lynn city council, she’s knocked on 15,000 doors to date. For many, she is the first one to ever come speak to them.