Lulu Cheng and Irving Ruan

Lulu Cheng and Irving Ruan

Lulu Cheng is a 1.5 generation 'American Chinese.' She was born in Beijing, grew up in Texas, and like many children of immigrants, is fluent in navigating the space between worlds. She leads the search team at Pinterest and has spent the better part of a decade scaling some of the most beloved consumer software products in the world. As a writer, illustrator, and performer, her creative work explores identity, often through a humorous lens. Her work has been published in Quartz and Slant'd, and by Nomadic Press.

Irving Ruan is a Chinese American comedy writer and performer based in California. He is a contributing writer at The New Yorker and McSweeney's.

How To Talk About Therapy With Chinese Immigrant Parents

Girl reacting with frustration to parents

Congratulations, you’ve survived the daunting process of finding a therapist! 
Now you’re considering telling your parents (thoughts & prayers). We've created a handy guide of talking points to help you navigate this potential minefield.
Parents: It costs how much?!
Do: I'm really grateful to have a job with health insurance, which helps with some of the cost.