Rudy Beredo

Dynamic Duo

Tensegrity Nine takes the stage with a fake gangsta rap, ho-slappin’ Yanni-inspired act.

Photographer Claire Woods


Peter Lim and Matt Payne form Tensegrity Nine, a charming comedic, emotive, new wave, R&B, hip-hop twosome that often busts into synchronized dance routines during shows. The Oakland, CA-based group spoke to Hyphen about its success, or lack thereof.

In your song “Gawd,” you ask the lord for an absurd display of proof (“like a three-legged hippopotamus sprouting wings and flying”) that he exists. Have you each accepted Jesus Christ as your personal lord and savior?

Mail Order Wife

Directed by Huck Botko and Andrew Gurland

A documentary filmmaker funds a NYC doorman’s Asian mail order bride in exchange for the right to film the experience. But when Lichi arrives, she finds herself cleaning like Cinderella and carrying out her slovenly husband’s sadistic desires. Once the filmmaker intervenes and gives Lichi refuge, anything goes! The director has to learn the hard way that she’s no angel herself. The spinning pyramidal prism of love and rage finally shatters in this captivating film where all is not what it seems.

Sex: The Annabel Chong Story

Directed by Gough Lewis

Annabel Chong went from relative obscurity to porno icon when she partook in The World's Biggest Gang Bang, one of the highest grossing adult films of all time. Chong had sex with 251 men in ten hours, on camera. Sex: The Annabel Chong Story documents the rise, fall and burnout of a feminist's quest for fame, making for a portrait of a complex woman who never quite reveals her motives.

Fame Whore

Directed by Jon Moritsugu

Jon Moritsugu’s latest ultra-hip underground film follows three hilariously delusional characters. First, there’s Jody Gorge, the No. 1-ranked tennis pro and seminal cocky jock who gets “slandered” as a homosexual. Secondly, a talentless yet abundantly arrogant woman struggles to take over the worlds of fashion and music video. Lastly, there’s Victor, who runs a dog kennel adoption agency and has a six-foot imaginary canine friend portrayed by a human in a head-to-toe St. Bernard costume. Odd fun from start to finish.


Alice in Stevie Wonderland


Alice in Stevie Wonderland tells the story of micropixie’s intergalactic earth experience. Our “single beige female” alien explores self-realizing themes set to Vespertinian lushness. Though micropixie utilizes fresh instrumentation, AiSW demonstrates how sub-par execution can paralyze a great concept.