Sandie Cheng

Sandie Cheng is a writer, producer, and actor from Riverside, CA. She currently produces and hosts the podcast, Now In Color, and is in the midst of producing a TV pilot slated for production in the fall of 2019. Her writing has appeared in Cosmonauts Avenue, PopSugar, and Bustle. She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with her cat Hygge and partner.

Ghosts at our Dinner Table

This story begins when my grandfather comes home to Guangzhou to find his brother waiting. It’s 1949, at the climax of the Chinese Civil War, and the Nationalists have just lost their governing hold to the Communists. My grandfather, however, does not care for all that — at least that’s how the story goes, anyway. But as he approaches home, he notices something different since the last time he had seen it, not more than a week ago. He just returned from an extravagant work trip to Hong Kong with his colleagues. He stayed at one of the finest hotels called The Peninsula.