Shan Rao

Shan Rao (she/her) is a second generation Indian American writer raised in rural Minnesota. Her work has been published in (un)common sense and The Comma and has won the Margaret Lamb Writing to the Right-Hand Margin Award and Suzanna Cohen Legacy Prize. She is part of Fordham University’s class of 2022 and currently lives in NYC with her two cats. 

Listening Through Generations

Victoria Chang’s Dear Memory  

As a second generation Asian American, I was immediately drawn to the epistolary form of Victoria Chang's stunning new collection, Dear Memory. Chang’s letters speak often across generations — both into the past of her family’s immigrant history and into the future of what she wishes for her daughters. Interspersed with the letters are images of photos and documents — often related to her parents and grandparents — that she interrupts with cutouts and pieces of handwritten text.