Zoe Yang


Zoe Yang grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and agrees completely with Junot Diaz who said, "trying to defend Boston from uncool is like blocking a bullet with a slice of bread." She believes her hometown has a lot to do with her irrepressible need to stir shit up. Zoe recently moved to New York, New York to pursue an MBA at Columbia University.

Me and My Stalker

Former Sex-columnist Has No Way of Stopping Her Cyberharraser

Last year, I was featured in the Hyphen print story “College Sex Columnists Under Fire” by Samantha Masunaga, which detailed my experience as a college student who blogged about sex. In my short-lived stint as a sex columnist at Pomona College, I often wrote about topics that were not only personal, but controversial, and Masunaga chronicled the responses I received, including the cyberharassment I thought had finally stopped.