Arts & Culture Editors

Job Department: 
Editorial Team

We are looking for specific editors to focus on the following Arts & Culture sections:

  • Music
  • Performing Arts (Theater / Dance)
  • Visual Arts

Editors will specifically seek pitches and pieces within their focus. Please specify your focus when you apply.

Editors will work alongside other editors -- both in their vertical as well as other Arts & Culture editors -- to develop their vertical. Must have a passion and vision for their section and a strong desire to spotlight stories in a new, engaging way. Beyond simple interviews and reviews, what are the stories in these fields you wish would be told? Please answer this question when applying.

General Duties and Responsibilities: 

Responsibilities include:

  • Publishing at least one article for their focus per month
  • Working with others in their vertical to identify and develop section
  • Identifying strong pitches and working with writers to develop stories
  • Occasionally acting as second editor to other pieces (not necessarily in their section)
  • Attendance at monthly staff meetings
Knowledge and Skills: 

Knowledge of the following systems preferred (though not required):

  • Drupal
  • Trello
  • Slack
  • Submittable
How to Apply: 

To apply for any of the positions, please email getinvolved [at] with a letter of reference, a CV, and a clip packet with at least three articles related to the editorial position you are most interested in).