Kilusan Bautista

Meet Kilusan Bautista

Independent Performance Artist/ Director/ Educator, Kilusan Productions
Young Adult Pre-GED Instructor, Brooklyn Public Library

Representing United Playaz

1038 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

United Playaz is a violence prevention and youth leadership organization that works with San Francisco's hardest to reach youth through street outreach, case management, in-school services, recreational activities, and support to incarcerated youth.  United Playaz has committed more than 15 years to improving the lives of young people surviving in vulnerable environments and show high incidence of truancy and low academic performance, or have been involved in the juvenile justice system through direct service and community collaboration.  United Playaz believes that "it takes the hood to save the hood."

How are you Mr. Hyphen material?

Mr. Hyphen is a brother who is not afraid to represent Asian, Pacific Americans in all aspects of his life. Mr. Hyphen is a humbled and committed leader within the community. Mr. Hyphen lives by the codes of honor and respect for all peoples. Mr. Hyphen is self reflective and very critical yet confident in his actions/decisions. Mr. Hyphen is a good listener who puts forth creative ideas that are grounded in what the community needs and/or is struggling to overcome. Mr. Hyphen pushes himself to his best potential in all aspects of his life.

In my humble opinion, I believe that I am actively pushing myself to embody all of these principles that describe the characteristics of Mr. Hyphen. Since I was 18 years old, I committed myself to community empowerment work. And now at 30 years of age I look back and I am so grateful for my experience. I found myself teaching in a public high school in San Francisco, directing an arts education/ violence prevention community center in Oakland and now, I am a full time Pre-GED instructor with the Brooklyn Public Library in NYC. I wake up in the morning knowing that my services and presence is needed in helping to uplift communities at the risk of violence and injustice. I have learnt that just doing something positive and staying committed to that belief makes a huge difference. Mr. Hyphen is someone who can never give up on these ideas by living their life as an example of a compassionate leader.