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Gennifer Hirano strips down to reveal naked irony

June 1, 2003

Gennifer Hirano strips down to reveal naked irony.

If you ever get the feeling that something’s off in your life, it’s probably the absence of ironic Asian fetish erotica. Consider, for instance, a flicker card of a thoughtful-looking gal in blond wig, satin panties and red platform pumps hitching a ride from a passing motorist. Or why not celebrate the “quickest, stickiest thing in the West” with a 1994 rice rocket calendar featuring a bikini-clad asianprincess eating rice atop a 1994 Acura? (“Now with more intelligent quote!”, we’re promised.) 1994 too passé for you? Then how about a 2003 “asianprincess IS Marilyn Monroe” Warhol-style calendar?

All of these items and more, including bumper stickers, postcards, and decorative plates, are manufactured and sold by San Francisco-based performance artist Gennifer Hirano, aka asianprincess. The 26-year-old San Francisco native sums up asianprincess with her trademark line: “asianprincess artifacts IS NOT A REAL PORN SITE, and I am NOT a real porn star (I only portray one in my performance art).” A visit to her website lays everything out, from her inspirations (Asia Carrera and Annabel Chong) to her politics (hint: the words “objectification” and “social construct” are involved).

Whether or not you agree with her artistic statement, you can’t help being charmed by the racy “retail artifacts” available from asianprincess (who, by the way, also peddles her wares out of a suitcase on San Francisco’s touristy Pier 39, among other places). The $2-$110 items are offbeat, fun and brimming with concept.

Why should you buy a retail artifact? “Because it entices you or empowers you,” says Hirano. Visit, check out what she has to say, and buy a flicker card for the road.

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