Let's Build a Fire

Plus/ Minus

February 28, 2007

Let's Build a Fire (Absolutely Kosher)


Let's Build a Fire is the third LP from what may very well be the best hi-fi electro-indie-pop trio in the game. From the album's studio-produced Victrola intro to the assuaging closer "For You," +/- densely packs a baker's dozen shining, shimmering amphitheatre hits into the paper bag of your tummy. The euphonic composition, stuttering dynamics, and quirky synthetic touches are sweet, fulfilling and uplifting. Listen to the clean, fidget-inducing stop and start guitar work of "One Day You'll Be There," which is perfectly coupled with masterfully mathy drumming, all topped with just the right amount of xylophone and buttery vocals. Forget donuts, this album is a warm, comforting Cinnabon. 

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