Seven Year War

Red Animal War

February 28, 2007

Seven Year War (End Sounds)

Dallas-bred fled Animal War forge its post-emo, hardcore, psychedelic funk punk sound from the fires of Mt. Rage. Seven Year War serves as a brief history of the trails they've blazed, generously packed with live versions of two of their best works, "Mouse" and '"77" as well as seven music videos. Despite pivotal lineup changes and numerous side projects, the guts of this band remain intact. They'll still give you a rock 'n' roll lobotomy. Leadoff hitter, "The Gaelic Intake", kicks off with a bowel-shaking scream over the caustic chaos that is Red Animal War's unrelenting statement that all is not well. Front to back, Seven Year War is a non-stop adrenaline rush and a refreshing rebellion against the "emotive" cry baby bands that plague commercial radio. 

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