Studs for Studs

Customized man bling at Rex Studio Designs.

February 28, 2007

If you've got an addiction to ice, Janet Tzou's your dealer. The designer behind Baby Doll Gems and Fauxsie Jewels garners a celeb following that reads like Us Weekly. But after partying at Le Rex-a sexy Paris nightclub-she realized that the Jay-Z's of the world wanted to sparkle just as much as the JLo's.

Tzou's signature pieces are radiant-cut canary diamonds accented by yellow gold. But some of her clients didn't want the hassle of going on the road with three bodyguards and a hefty insurance policy to shelter their loot. Tzou began Grafting replicas of her own pieces to ease their travel woes. For the rest of us, who probably can't lay down for the 50carat double-rivet "floating" canary cross, at least we could spring for the look-alike. As Tzou says, "Every guy can use a little bit of glam every now and then." Custom order the real thing-or not-at


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