(Beggars Banquet Records)

August 1, 2007


These puppy-eyed boys from Texas have three EPs under their pewter belt buckles. To that they can finally add their self-titled full length, and like a debutante on the day of the ball, Voxtrot has grown some teeth and nails, among other things. A self-described "indie rapper," frontman Ramesh Srivastava stuffs their songs with toe-tapping melodies and more words than you'll speak during the course of one day. Indeed, the most obvious thing that sets the Voxtrot boys apart from your run-of-the-mill rock band is Srivastava's vocals, which at times have enough gusto and charisma to warrant a comparison with Freddie Mercury. His urgent and well-enunciated delivery compels at least a second listen. Tracks vary in style from a Ben Fold's ballad ("Real Life Version") to a FOB-ish (FOB as in Fall Out Boy) "Brother in Conflict" that starts with the phrase, "I wanna drown you in a pool of blood." Not quite at full maturity, but here they are in all their angsty, nubile glory.

-Christine Vilar

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