Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds

May 1, 2008

(DNP Records)


Hearts and Minds is a dedication to the working class presented in two parts. "Hearts," which makes up most of the disc, speaks directly to the people. The song titles alone ("All Power to the People," "Workers Will Win," "Deporting the Pilgrim") tell you where emcee (and Mr. Hyphen 2006 runner-up) Nomi stands. He doesn't take a caustic approach to his lyrical activism, and instead spits with sincerity and an uplifting tone. His clear and distinct vocals are illuminated by BenZilla and Deetalx's diverse production. BenZilla supplies the head nod with more traditional, sampleheavy boom bap on "Hearts." Songs like "Block Party" will definitely move the crowd as Nomi raps: We don't got no money/ to get up in the club/ then we'll kick it on the block I... and dance in the streets 'til they name 'em after us. Though Nomi does well by himself on the mic, I Self Devine, Geologic of Blue Scholars and Saico of Kasamas assist on "Komrades." In an era of ringtone rap, Hearts and Minds is not only refreshing but healing. -Zoneil Maharaj

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