Issue 17: Family - Spring 2009


Asian American families by the numbers

Lisa Wong Macabasco - February 19, 2010
  • A family can take many forms. We take a look at a few families that are redefining what it means.
  • Chinese restaurants are stigmatized for using MSG but the tasty additive is in everything from KFC to pizza.

Editor's Note

Neela Banerjee - February 19, 2010


More than just karaoke and portraits with Mr. Hyphen Aristotle Garcia

Neela Banerjee - February 19, 2010
  • Tired of rip-offs by male-dominated auto shops, one woman fights back — by opening her own.
  • and make light of unintended gaffes. We showed our parents. They laughed — a little.
  • For some Asian American activist parents, naming their kids is a political affair.
  • A look back at six years and 16 issues of Hyphen.


From poop to cultural clashes, Asian American parenting blogs have it covered.

Ellen Lee - February 19, 2010