Music Review

Passion Pit — Manners

January 11, 2010

Though Passion Pit produces what could be called glitterysweatband-dance-floor music, the young gentlemen from Cambridge, MA, are so nerdy that it makes listeners feel all right about liking electronic dance music, heavy on the falsetto. Keyboardist Ayad Al Adhamy's thick glasses and unkempt hair alone say enough. With a cheesy drum-machine beat here and a tiny keyboard riff there, the band is having fun. It's also playing smart, incorporating layered time signatures and wellplaced digital musical tricks into its sound. Passion Pit has only one crossover song from the Chunk of Change EP ("Sleepyhead") on its 11 -song LP, Manners. Though many listeners love the high-pitched wailing of the EP's "I've Got Your Number," the first LP track, "Make Light," introduces a sound that is more human than the cacophonous vibe from the EP. It's simpler, with a stronger focus on normalsounding vocals and an instrumental background that's a slight nod toward melodic indie glitch pop. But not to worry: Passion Pit's usual sass returns and is pervasive throughout the majority of the album.

Frenchkiss Records

- Margot Seeto