No, thank you. No, really, thanks

May 1, 2005

I received my first copy of Hyphen this quarter and just wanted to say thanks for all the time and energy you’ve put into publishing the magazine. Aside from enjoying the various articles, I also feel it’s an important work that keeps the Asian American community informed and unified. As such, I would like to order 10 subscriptions for friends and family. Please find enclosed a check to cover these subscriptions. Thanks and again, keep up the excellent work.

Ian Kow

New York, New York

Cool shit? We bet you say that to all the mags

My name is Manush. I’m a Chinese Jew. I was happy to hear of y’all because there isn’t [sic] enough people who put out cool shit like this. It’s either corporate ass Asians, blissfully white Asians, or recent immigrants. Untold stories never get published. I am from L.A. I wish I was down in California, but I’m living in Whiteyville, USA, liberal suburbs, aka Portland. Oh yeah, so that reminds me, if you do want to contact me, or just send me a copy of Hyphen, I would love that!

Manush, Portland, Oregon

We’d love to send you an issue… when you subscribe. Sign up at hyphenmagazine.com/gethyphen.

Ladies’ Man

I am an African American who had lived in San Francisco for 10 years until March of last year, when I moved to Manhattan. I found out about your website and mag from the Yale Black Alumni Network, which posted a message referencing blogs on Hyphen about the Hot 97-FM radio station tsunami song debacle.

As a progressive liberal person who prides himself on multiculturalism (something which may or may not have to do with my growing up in L.A., living in San Fran for 10 years, or having a full-blooded Chinese woman in my ancestral line), I am interested in meeting Asian, East Indian and Southeast Asian folks here in New York. Do you have an affiliated chapter here, or can you recommend a group out here that sponsors events for this community? For example, I would love to attend Hyphen’s upcoming speed dating event, but the problem for me is that it’s in San Fran! (By the way, I heartily endorse and subscribe to the statement in your FAQs responding to the query about non-Asians attending Asian speed dating events. I don’t fetishize women according to race or ethnicity. I just appreciate intelligent, beautiful, cool women regardless of race.)

Clarence Pollard, New York, New York

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