Buddha Ia My OM Boy

Yoga clothes from paradise.

December 1, 2005

Photo: Seng Chen; Model: Cielo Oreste

There’s something to be said when a dog is the vice president of a company. This would be the kind of company that might sprout up on the palm-swaying shores of some paradise (Hawaii), and where standard attire might mean kicking off your flip-flops and tucking a flower behind your ear.

Along with her vice-presidential pooch Mischa, designer Laurie Momi Chee runs just this kind of company. Her island-inspired line of yoga-lifestyle clothing, Lily Lotus Hawaii, bridges both the whimsical and the ageless, from tees emblazoned with the spiritual Third Eye (in velvet) to “Buddha Is My Om Boy.”

Laurie’s Batik Organics line reaches beyond the trendy to explore the 2,000-year-old time-intensive craft of hand painting layers of wax and dye. In Laurie’s hands, the fabric comes alive with images of fish swimming in pools of coral and peonies blooming on your shoulder.

Weaving together an age-old art with beachy chic, Chee’s Lily Lotus Hawaii makes a unique look seem completely effortless.

Let go at lilylotushawaii.com.

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