Citizens Here And Abroad

Ghosts of Tables and Chairs (Omnibus)

December 1, 2005

Musicians Adrienne Robillard (guitar, vocals), Chris Groves (bass, vocals), Dan Lowrie (guitar) and Chris Wetherell (drums) have created a group on its way to being a household name, at least in the indie scene. Citizens Here and Abroad’s debut album showcases a blend of indie rock savvy and pop sensibility, making it a good listen for pop music junkies and anti-Clear Channel types alike. In its entirety, the album captures perfectly that Coldplay-esque soundtrack to your moments of angst—perhaps this is why one of the band’s songs, “Appearances,” a reflection of a tragic relationship, was featured on the current big papa of all television angst, The OC. Robillard’s airy, calm voice meshes seamlessly with catchy and memorable guitar riffs on notable tracks such as “They Stay,” a critique of sterile suburban life, and “Enter the Elevator,” a creative song that uses video game sounds. Definitely an album worth picking up and a group to watch.

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