Emm Gryner

Songs of Love and Death (Dead Daisy Records)

December 1, 2005


Canadian-born songstress and musician Emm Gryner started training as a classical pianist as a child and wrote her first song at the age of 10. At 20, she formed Dead Daisy Records and began recording her own albums. Fellow musicians and fans have taken notice of Gryner’s musical chops, inviting her to collaborate on recordings with Lou Barlow, Rob Zombie and David Bowie. On Songs of Love and Death, she pays tribute to contemporary Irish artists, covering songs from bands including The Corrs, The Thrills, Thin Lizzy and Ash. Although the tracks on Songs were written by musicians other than Gryner, it’s her adept voice and musical proficiency that serve as the album’s inspiration. Demonstrating her remarkable ability to multi-task, she plays
piano, guitar, bass, keyboards, organ, clarinet and drum machine. Her musical influences shine through on “Nothing Rhymed” and “Running Back,” where she channels the likes of Tori Amos and Fiona Apple, respectively. Ultimately, Gryner successfully manages to transform Ireland’s pop and punk anthems into her unique brand of compelling and genuine confession.

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