Alice in Stevie Wonderland

May 1, 2006



Alice in Stevie Wonderland tells the story of micropixie’s intergalactic earth experience. Our “single beige female” alien explores self-realizing themes set to Vespertinian lushness. Though micropixie utilizes fresh instrumentation, AiSW demonstrates how sub-par execution can paralyze a great concept.

AiSW sputters forth with “earth: a kit,” which dictates instructions on how to assemble an earth and reboot into human form, all set to a reassuring beat and ambient washes. Setting the tone for the album, it’s too monotonous, too cute and too long. Further along, micropixie regurgitates a drugless version of Radiohead’s “Fitter, Happier” in “Cognitive Dissonance” and a disappointing, not-so-generous Bjorkian palm stroke in “Single Beige Female Looks Back in Dismay.” Lines such as “the real you is you raised to the power of you,” are sure to induce an acidic vurp. Even when tabla thumps or harmonica lines add charm, the languid songwriting or the contrived cuteness sabotages the song. —Rudy Beredo

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