Nazis vs. Hmong

January 24, 2005

Sorry to bust in on your day, Mel, but I missed this one last week:

A Minneapolis-based Nazi group was posting fliers last week with pictures of the slain Wisconsin hunters and a caption asking if "diversity" was worth even one American life. Scary, since I usually trust my fellow humans to reject the rhetoric of the extremists, but in these times ... I don't know. Read more here.




Now why would a 50 plus year old guy try and mess with 6 guys???? In reality Hmong man hunt to..... well hunt. They will never try and harass any body IF they themselves are not harmed. Isn't it hard to believe that this Hmong man just opened fire on these 6 guys? They must have done something to provoke this Hmong man right? Why would a man just open fire on 6 guys? Sure the owners of the private land asked the Hmong man to leave, and peacefully thats what he did, because thats how the Hmong hunters do. They don't try to start anything, especially when they're alone. Now I'm not saying that if we're all in groups, we're going to start anything. In my years of hunting, us Hmongs have never started anything. Us older guys always tend to let things go. There has been incidents where we had probelms with OTHER races, but never had we to shoot, which means, that Hmong man had to be harassed to go that far. Come on its 6 cocky white guys against one old Hmong man!!! LIKE THEY SAY... DON'T EVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. This is what "they" did, and looked what happened. A family is dead!
There are right and wrong. For those of you who are dissing on either side of the fence, you are not promoting a healthy relationship. Who are we to judge that the deads are wrong and the killer is right? Trespassing is wrong. Harrassing is wrong. Killing is wrong. What is right is to forgive and reconcilation for the better.
think about it, why would an old guy risk his life to shoot at 6 people especially if all 6 or atleast 1/2 half of them is full armed with deadly weapons. who would do something like that, unless it's a life or death situation. even a serial killer wouldn't kill 6 people in one spot. in this case i believe the hmong guy open fire at will only to save his own life. im sure everyone or most would've done the same if they were in the exact position. by loosing 6 members at once, the white folks retaliated by killing the next hmong guy. this racial issue has sparked a rage that will be hard to stop and i sure it will lead to more violence in the future. i know more people will die. it's just a matter of time now. but i am 100 percent sure that racism from the white folks was the cause of all this violence that's why i don't blame the hmong guy for killing the 6 white guys cuz i would've did the same too.
first of all, fuc you racist white folks and im glad 6 of them got slaughtered like animals. they deserve to die for try to pick on a hmong guy. 6 against 1 and they all got blasted with the quickness!!! you white crackers don't know but we use to fight the vietnam war for the white people cuz they were getting killed left and right like nothing. YOU RACIST WHITE MOTHERFUC-ERS GO ROT IN HELL. SHIT, I'LL SEND YOUR ASS TO HELL MYSELF.
I knida knew that those racist *beeps* would use that incident as an oppurtunity to reveal themselves. I don't understand what's their *beep*en problem anyways. Sure, white people kill minorities everyday because of racism and no one makes a big deal. Chai kills a couple of them and the whole damn army is at our doorsteps. I personally believe that open racism should be a crime against humanity. We as citizens in the USA should be able to live without someone making an open statement about killing our people. That is belive that is conspiracy to genocide and should be a crime! No one is smart enough to notice that though. Because of that, everyone is always making all these racist comments and creating these skirmage wars between races.
LOL its funny how its all hmong people posting and yes i am hmong myself
I am in no relation to that person andmy heart goes out to all the victims of this tragic accident. What happened to all the parties involved will be a wound in my heart and saddens my soul. Ladies and gentlemen, I've always been fond of this philosopher named W.E.B. Du bois. He said " we cannot co-exist together in society as human beings, not by race, nor ethnicity, but by struggle for power." Meaning, you and I can't get along not because of our ethnicity, but because of the struggle for power. One man's actions does not represent the whole community. My heart again goes out to all parties and I pray that we may educate ourselves to be more aware and tolerant of each other. I have friends who are white and they're great. I have friends who are hmong and they're great. I myself have experienced racism towards me from different types of ethnic backgrounds, but I always do the best to be "the bigger" person. Because if I stoop to their level, then I am no better. Also just because a certain person of color does something negative towards you, that doesn't mean that all of them are like that. We should not use race as an issue for if it had been any other race, I'm sure it would of still happened either way. I have friends of all types of ethnic backgrounds. I would never blame or target a whole group of people for 1 person's actions. I'm very proud of my culture and very eager to learn more about other cultures that I don't know or haven't come across yet. This tragic accident is definitely one that will wound me and stick in me as my heart goes out to all the victims. One Love
i agree with everything ya'll say. hmong men are humble and righteous unless pushed. white boys were most likely fuccen with him..pretty sure he drooped the first one while defending himself then decided to drop all them maggots to cover up....they deserved it though cause it's not everyday hmong folks go pickin on white fools eventhough we don't like em.
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okay, here 'tis. from the St. Paul Pioneer Press:Posted on Thu, Jan. 13, 2005Click HereNazi group spreads anti-Hmong fliersLeaflets show slain Wisconsin huntersBY KEVIN HARTERPioneer PressFliers showing photos of the six Wisconsin deer hunters slain in November and asking "Are You Next?" were distributed in a Minneapolis neighborhood Sunday and Monday, according to police.A Twin Cities-based Nazi group called the National Socialist Movement was listed as responsible for distributing the letter-sized fliers, several hundred of which were left on car windshields and mailboxes in northeast Minneapolis, said Minneapolis Police Lt. Medaria Arradondo.Messages left at the group's office were not returned. A Web site for the National Socialist Movement describes it as an "organization dedicated to the preservation of our proud Aryan heritage, and the creation of a National Socialist Society in America and around the world.""Is diversity worth even one American life?" the flier asks. "These six Americans were killed protecting their private property/hunting rights. … Are you next?"Chai Soua Vang, a Hmong man from St. Paul, has been charged in the killings and is being held in the Sawyer County Jail on $2.5 million bail. The shootings occurred following a dispute over a deer stand in the woods northeast of Rice Lake, Wis.The fliers represent the only activity in Minneapolis directed at the Hmong community since the Nov. 21 slayings, Arradondo said, but there have been other incidents around the region.Incidents of harassment increased in St. Paul, which has the largest Hmong population of any U.S. city, immediately after the shootings, but no problems have been reported since, authorities said.Several hundred anti-Hmong fliers were distributed by the National Socialist Movement on the East Side and in other neighborhoods, according to St. Paul Police spokesman Paul Schnell.The day after the slayings, a resident of a Menomonie, Wis., mobile home park allegedly painted "Killers" on the homes of three Hmong neighbors.And three weeks after the shootings, the owner of a Mankato decal and sticker store removed bumper stickers reading "Save a Hunter, Shoot a Mung" from sales racks after people complained.Some people aren't surprised hate groups would try to use the hunter shootings to pump up racial anger."From an academic perspective, the situation is ripe for them to use to increase their visibility and recruit new members," said Zha Blong Xiong, a University of Minnesota sociology professor."As a member of the community, I'm somewhat upset that a group like that would use one individual's actions to target a whole group, which is unfair, but they have that right of freedom of speech."Kevin Harter can be reached at kharter [at] or 800-950-9080, ext. 2149.