Claire Light

Openish Thread: Who Owns Yoga?

According to a recent article in the New York Times, the Hindu American Foundation has begun a campaign to get the Hindu roots of yoga recognized in the US.

The small but increasingly influential group behind [the "Take Back Yoga" campaign], the Hindu American Foundation, suggests only that people become more aware of yoga’s debt to the faith’s ancient traditions.

Hyphen Lynks: The Not About Times Square Bomber Edition


Because rampant commentary on the Times Square Bomber still rulez, news is all over the place this week. Plus, we're waiting for primaries. But we have an Onion article! And there are elections going on here, there, and everywhere.  

Well, let them get Times Square all out of their system. Here's what else is going on:

Abducted by Aliens!

My brother was only 21 when he returned and began telling my family these stories. My father was extremely disturbed and wouldn’t permit me near my brother at first, as I was a newborn at the end of the war, and my father had some vague idea that insanity might be contagious, especially in females. But my infantine company seemed to soothe his almost constant excitement and, although he never fully regained the use of his legs, he used the stories as a springboard into the life of the mind that he thereafter inhabited, and raised me to inhabit.