Hyphen Lynks: Amelica! Fuck Yeah! Edition

July 4, 2010



Hmm.  Independence Day.  Marking the birth of a nation - "Amelica", as it were. A link entitled "Land wheah my faddahs were lynched", which reveals that "The success the Chinese found in Sacramento would have been impossible without the support of their European American neighbors."  Hey, that's deep.  So wait - is this some kind of pro-Amerika (sic) message wrapped in an Azn cookie?  Wow. But what to make of the Indian American links?  Well, hmm - some Indian Americans are victims (of Joel Stein's one-page essay and murderous assailants), some are casting non-Asians in Asian roles (Media dat makes my bruddahs flinch), some are Republicans in the South (Evely sordid fling), and some are themselves literally guilty of killing others...in Australia.  I think maybe I get it - Indian Americans are as American (or perhaps Swedish) as Jack Kerkorian and Warner Oland?  Their oppression (?) has driven them to...umm...criminal, right-wing behavior?  As in the Stockholm syndrome? (there's that Swedish connection again!)  Wow. But hold on - there's a Chinese American wife in Afghanistan, and a Korean American business guilty of sexual harassment (one r, not two).  Ok, hold on - maybe there's a message there about Asian Americans taking part in the subjugation of their Islamic brethren, and treating women as second-class citizens.  What could be more appropriate for this day? Well, well, well.  Amelica, indeed.  Funny how there's an "r" in bruddahs, yeah?  And the parody of two separate songs ("America", "Star Spangled Banner").  It's not inconsistency, it's part of the deeper message, yes? An illustration of Kim Jong-il "Dear Leader", and this Independence Day post - "Dear Reader" - full of lynks, very full.  Very deep.  

Dude, it's just a links post. If I had a "message," I would have written a message post.

Kevorkian not Kerkorian

...just an aggregation of labeled links...

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Separately, with sincerity - keep up the blogging - I'll keep my comments to myself.

no no, johnny k. Don't stop commenting! Just don't overinterpret the juxtaposition of links. I try to link them together (hyuk) into a theme, but just for the lols.